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Following the Covid-19 Pandemic the following information has been put together.  We hope we never experience 'lockdowns' again. If weddings are not permitted under Government Law then the following applies.



Option 1 - Get married as planned


The Government has confirmed that you can get married on your booked date as planned. I will work with you and your venue to ensure that all Covid-19 guidelines are followed for creating and delivering your wedding cake.


Option 2 - Intimate wedding cermony


You are getting married on your booked date but due to Government restrictions you will now be having a more intimate wedding with a smaller number of guests. You can opt for a petite two tier wedding cake at a reduced price. Minimum charge for wedding cakes is £220. If you have already paid your balance in full and your amended order is less than your original booking you will receive a refund of the difference. Should you decide to cancel your wedding cake but proceed with your ceremony this will be treated as a cancellation in accordance with the terms and conditions on your booking form.


Option 3 - Postponement

(within 2 years of original wedding date)


You can opt to postpone you existing booking to any available date up to 2 years from your original wedding date. You will not be charged any postponement, admin or price increase fees for moving your existing booking to a new date at the same venue. Once you have selected a new wedding date please email me so your booking can be amended. In the unfortunately event that I am unable to accommodation your new wedding date the non refundable deposit will be made available for refund after any expenses for works done to date are deducted.

dPostponements beyond the 2 year period will be subject to my new pricing structure.


Option 4 - Postponement & New Venue

(within 2 years of original wedding date)


Should you decide to change your wedding venue then in addition to Option 3 above I will endeavour to accomodate your change requests for venues within a 5 miles radius of the original wedding venue is within a 5 mile radius of the wedding venue stated on your original booking form and the new date is suitable for ourselves, otherwise it shall be treated as a cancellation in accordance with the terms and conditions on your booking form.


Option 5 - Cancellation


Should you make the decision to no longer get married and wish to cancel your booking the cancellation terms and conditions on your booking form will apply.




In event that either the bride(s) or groom(s) receive a positive Covid-19 reading within 10 days of the wedding date and are legally required to isolate which would result in the wedding cermony not lawfully being able to go ahead please contact me as soon as possible. Official proof of a positive Covid testing would be required to consider postponing your wedding order. Once works have begun on your order you will be laible for costs as outlined on your booking form under Cancellations and you should seek to make a claim under your wedding insurance policy.

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